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Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs help an organisation define and measure progress toward organisational goals.
Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements that reflect the success factors of an organisation. Different measurements might be used in different places however organisations are encouraged to standardise results which will lead to management being able to monitor performance.

If a Key Performance Indicator is going to be of any value, there must be a way to accurately define and measure it.

Key Performance Indicators need to be quantifiable.

  1. Laundry KPI's
  2. General KPI's
Kgs Per Hours

This figure will alter however 26 kg per hour or greater is an ideal starting point.

Case study 1.

One organisation with two 110 bed facilities was able to ascertain a problem they were having.

Facility 1. 70 high care and 40 low care beds - were achieving the full linen service at 22.7 kg/hr. Ideal production levels 2275 kg per week

Facility 2. 110 high care beds - were achieving 33.7 kg/hr. Ideal production levels 2695 kg per week.


Kgs Per Residents

The given average production figures for high care is 3.5 kg per resident per day and for low care 2.0 kg.

Case study 2.

Same facilities as above. Further detailed analysis was completed with machine loading and staffing checked.

The machines at Facility 1 were operated as if they were washing in excess of 5000 kg per week - savings for both utilities and staff were approximately $70,000 per annum

In comparison at Facility 2, the figures showed 3275 kg per week were being produced. This was addressed with some additional training.

Operational Costs

Operational costs are another acceptable method of comparing results, especially where a group of facilities report to a central office. These audits can also be undertaken by professional organisations such as Stewart Brown Business Solutions which collates information from many organisations including stand-alone facilities.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd has access to such information and is able to assist with analysis of financial performance.

These statistics are then measured against per resident costs. Typical costs are:

  • Labour
  • Consumables and chemicals
  • Linen

These can be replicated in the kitchen and cleaning services

Numeric Audits

A variety of audits exist for kitchen and cleaning which measures performance in HACCP and cleaning processes respectively.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd has appropriate audit / numeric tools to undertake such audits.

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Many organisations are now planning more for sustainability than at any time before. The main focus has been on environmental issues however applies equally to human resources.
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Quality is the ongoing process of refining all activities in the workplace which sustains working relationships between all stakeholders.
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The responsibility of each organisation is to manage their Work Health and Safety processes and infection control prevention.
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Hotel Laundries
by Paul Creek
Engineers Magazine, Vol 15, May 2010

"Hotels come in many sizes from small boutique to large international organisations. Many seasoned travellers consider them a home away from home while others like to think that a hotel is something different from home where they can feel special and be literally spoilt..."

Laundry & Linen Management
by Tom Dixon
AAA Magazine, April 2010

Tim Dixon talks to Paul Creek, an expert in aged care laundry operations, who has compared the three main models for managing and washing linen.

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