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Wagen wins laundry trolley contract for The Whiddon Group
by Paul Creek
Laundry Services, 2014

Wagen is excited to have worked with Creek Solutions to provide an efficient and safe laundry environment for The Whiddon Group in South West Sydney.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd was engaged to assess the workflow and procedures in respect to processing the linen for 5 residential aged care homes on one campus ensuring that there was scope for future expansion while maintaining best in class safe work practices.

Creek Solutions review identified several key areas where scalability could be achieved and manual handling risks reduced, the key ones being:

  • The work had been scheduled over a 7 day period leaving the laundry production at a standstill during the week with limited washing and a back log of work at the finishing stages.
  • The back log created pressure on staff. The work was continuous and the repetitive nature of work could have resulted in potential work place injuries occurring.

The site management team recognised this and saw the need to invest in processes and equipment to reduce the WHS risks facing staff as well as improve the working environment for staff. The Whiddon Group were keen to introduce best practice processes and equipment to better utilise the staff to ensure work flows were improved and washing machines were being used efficiently to save electricity costs.

To assist with this process it was necessary to study the imprest levels to eliminate double handling in the laundry and the reduction of reactive supply. Working proactively to ensure a full supply was available for staff in the care areas was the desired outcome. The original service resulted in heavy demand, extra work and double handling. To achieve this the requirement for more delivery trolleys was identified to ensure safe handling of linen was managed in the transporting process.

Wagen Material Handling was invited to visit the homes and laundry facility to design and build trolleys to meet the requirements of the site particularly a suitable trolley that would attach to a tug electric vehicle for towing.

Wagen Material Handling also provided a range of Wagen Linen Tubs with binserts for clean and soiled linen to ensure all work is maintained and managed at waist height. The use of these tubs ensures there is no need for linen to be held or handled on the floor. Wagen Material Handling have manufactured many trolleys and other operational equipment for safe work practices in residential aged care facilities.

The final outcome, other than the safety aspects, has been the morale of the staff which has been highly boosted and evidenced with more smiles, where some of the staff were previously negative they are now maintaining a positive attitude. A trust level has been maintained between laundry and nursing staff to ensure there is a constant supply of linen and all requirements are met.

Within the new system it will be possible that 160 new beds will be managed in the laundry without any major effort to the laundry function. Some new washing machines will be looked into.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd and Wagen Material Handling will continue working with The Whiddon Group throughout 2015 on phase 2 of this project which includes addressing other safety issues that have been identified including the manufacturing of the special personal clothing trolleys that are light weight with improved mobility.

If you would like to know more about Wagen's Solutions for your Manual Handling requirements and workflow needs, please call Paul Hambridge on 0417 122 079.

Paul Creek of Creek Solutions can be contacted on 0425 356 134.

What is right for high rise hotels!
by Paul Creek
Linen Services, 2014

"International hotels - the image of comfort, quality and decadence! Greetings from the top hatted concierge on arrival, warm smiles at check-in by reception staff and reaching my room without lifting a case. These hotels need not be the 5 (or even 6) stars that are peppering the market place, they are also the lower 3 and 4 city establishments as well as the many holiday resorts at a variety of locations..."

Motel Laundries. Which way do we go!
by Paul Creek
Motel Owners, 2014

"Running a motel - OMG the work that needs to be included! Having run a busy motel in the Central West (NSW) back in the 1980's, I discovered a managers "lot" was not always a happy one. A day filled with endless small tasks that needed completion - and the budget was not always there to cover it. I can get a plumber to fix a washer - the call out fee is one room night, I could get someone to mow the lawns, two room nights! And so on! And so on!..."

Hotel Laundries
by Paul Creek
Engineers Magazine, Vol 15, May 2010

"Hotels come in many sizes from small boutique to large international organisations. Many seasoned travellers consider them a home away from home while others like to think that a hotel is something different from home where they can feel special and be literally spoilt..."

Laundry & Linen Management
by Tom Dixon
AAA Magazine, April 2010

Tim Dixon talks to Paul Creek, an expert in aged care laundry operations, who has compared the three main models for managing and washing linen.

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