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Creek Solutions Pty Ltd
We provide a quality based service that delivers kitchen, on-premise laundry (OPL) and cleaning expertise to organisations allowing for effective and efficient stewardship of resources.
  1. Laundry Services
  2. Kitchen-Food Services
  3. Cleaning Services
An essential requirement in a residential facility is a cost efficient service and a continual supply of fresh linen and personal clothing.

A well run laundry will provide a continual supply of fresh linen and timely returns of clothing and other personal garments.

A laundry is also responsible for providing other laundering needs - mops, curtains, floor mats.

A laundry should not be neglected due to its non-glamorous role - it is a critical department.

The laundry in most organisations is a high cost factor which requires close scrutiny. Many utility costs are paid as a one off 'total' facility invoice with exact costs unknown.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will provide:

Onsite Review

Thorough review of existing laundries which includes:
  • The laundry facility
  • The equipment - major, minor
  • Workflow
  • Production processes
  • Operating procedures

Recommendations for improvement

The service will more often than not require improvement in one or more areas of the operation:

  • Employee processes
  • Utility utilisation

Improvement often includes financial savings as well as efficient practices.


Creek Solutions Pty Ltd provides on-site support to ensure new processes become imbedded into an organisation's culture and methodology.

The systems created remain robust and require little direct involvement other than rostering, supply of linen and other stock purchases.

Manuals and other documentation:

  • Signage - in setting up a new system there is often a need for signage to educate and assist staff. These are all incorporated into the overall implementation process.
  • Procedure manuals are provided that reflect internal processes and include Occupational Health & Safety and Infection Control processes
  • Data collecting forms are introduced to assist management to control its KPIs

New laundry designs

Creek Solutions will provide independent systems and solutions which will allow an organisation to go to tender (or other) to make informed selection and purchases.

Textile utilisation

Creek Solutions will provide processes that will ensure the longevity of linen and care of the residents' personal belongings.


  • Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will provide input, support and selection criteria into ozone laundering processes as well as water recycling
  • Improved processes will lead to sustainability


We believe at Creek Solutions Pty Ltd that although a laundry may not be in direct competition with external laundering services, internal efficiencies can be achieved which will lead to improved bottom line outcomes.
Food services is one of the key focal and talking points of any organisation

Food safety programs

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will assist organisations in developing Food Safety Programs.
The practical approach that is taken allows Food Safety Programs to be developed with ease and understanding for all food service and catering employees of an organisation.

Process development

Cost controls are an important aspect of any operation. In Aged Care, there are many fixed costs that need to be managed. The introduction of simple processes will achieve quality outcomes.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will assist an organisation to map out all of its catering processes to ensure that all assigned tasks can be scheduled to the appropriate staff members achieving quality outcomes.

New developments

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd provides input into kitchen projects ensuring all processes are included into the conceptual planning of the 'big picture'. A kitchen is not just the walls that contain the equipment but all the related processes to the residents.

Other key areas undertaken by Creek Solutions Pty Ltd:

  • KPI - Development of catering KPI's.
  • Work process - Operational re-design of work processe.
  • Menu development - menus are provided that meet the nutritional requirements of the resident. Menus can be introduced with one or multiple choice.
  • Equipment selection - recommendations will be made for a range of equipment that is available which allows for efficient production and safe handling of food to occur.
  • Food safety programs - are designed that are tailor made to an organisations operation.
  • Food service techniques - table setting, meal service etc.
  • Training - all areas.
Cleaning services are important in maintaining high standards in residential accommodation - Hotels, Health and Aged Care facilities.

The cleaning industry is undoubtedly one of Australia's largest business sectors. Everywhere needs to be cleaned "homes, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, airports and aged care facilities".

Many organisations grapple with the question - to clean with an in-house team or to outsource. Both solutions have a place in the Aged Care industry and each must be well managed to prevent cost blow outs occurring.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will support organisations that wish to continue with in-house cleaning and requires guidance in this process. We are able to provide the work schedules, staff training and recommended cleaning equipment.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will provide the following services:

  • Full on-site audit with report
  • Implementation of new processes
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Quality inspection tools
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Quality is the ongoing process of refining all activities in the workplace which sustains working relationships between all stakeholders.
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Many organisations are now planning more for sustainability than at any time before. The main focus has been on environmental issues however applies equally to human resources.
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Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs help an organisation define and measure progress toward organisational goals.
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The responsibility of each organisation is to manage their Work Health and Safety processes and infection control prevention.
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Hotel Laundries
by Paul Creek
Engineers Magazine, Vol 15, May 2010

"Hotels come in many sizes from small boutique to large international organisations. Many seasoned travellers consider them a home away from home while others like to think that a hotel is something different from home where they can feel special and be literally spoilt..."

Laundry & Linen Management
by Tom Dixon
AAA Magazine, April 2010

Tim Dixon talks to Paul Creek, an expert in aged care laundry operations, who has compared the three main models for managing and washing linen.

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