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Many organisations are now planning more for sustainability than at any time before. The main focus has been on environmental issues however applies equally to human resources.
Sustainability can also be applied to human resources by developing robust procedures and systems. On many occasions, systems have been established or have just simply evolved and become common practice. Often rostered times do not suit the facility.

The laundry is one of these areas where one or more employees commence at 6.00 am or even earlier. This leads to the hunt for linen to wash and unfair pressure applied to nursing staff to hurry along with the showering processes.

The washing machines need to be continually operating and this can be best achieved when large quantities of linen have already been collected.

A laundry needs to run at a steady rate and equally not be under pressure from care staff needing linen. Linen supplies should be scheduled at suitable times. Adequate linen levels need to be in circulation. A false economy occurs if a quick turnaround of linen is required. Ideally there should be a minimum of three sets of linen in circulation.

Electricity, gas and water are the main utilities used in the laundry. They are essential in laundry operations and if remain uncontrolled are costly. An under loaded machine by 50% regularly will equate to more than $35,000 per annum for a 90 bed high care facility.
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Quality is the ongoing process of refining all activities in the workplace which sustains working relationships between all stakeholders.
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Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs help an organisation define and measure progress toward organisational goals.
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Hotel Laundries
by Paul Creek
Engineers Magazine, Vol 15, May 2010

"Hotels come in many sizes from small boutique to large international organisations. Many seasoned travellers consider them a home away from home while others like to think that a hotel is something different from home where they can feel special and be literally spoilt..."

Laundry & Linen Management
by Tom Dixon
AAA Magazine, April 2010

Tim Dixon talks to Paul Creek, an expert in aged care laundry operations, who has compared the three main models for managing and washing linen.

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