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Creek Solutions Pty Ltd
Creek Solutions has achieved many successful outcomes.
Here are some emails and letters we received from clients thanking us.

Dear Paul,

Please accept my personal thanks to you and your staff for the outstanding skills, deep knowledge and professionalism you contributed when assisting our organisation to implement and manage the new linen service for our 410-plus aged care residents spread across a number of facilities... Read More

Mario Casegrande
Managing Director/Owner
Queensland Rehabilitation Services


Dear Paul,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided to Gosford RSL Leisure Living Ltd by Creek Solutions Pty Ltd, and with you in particular, in the attention you have given our company.

The hands-on approach you led with the Food Safety Program preparation we recently implemented at both our Gosford and Tea Gardens facilities ensured a comprehensive application for staff and positive compliance outcomes. Your service from start to finish has been very facilitative and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that auger well for a smooth, clear and directional organisational uptake.

Your association with this company goes back to 2007 when you supported management at a difficult time in meeting residents' satisfaction with the then catering service and a few years later in the subsequent change from outsourced contractors to in-house catering.

I thank you for your support over the years and congratulate you on the service your Company provides. I am only too happy to speak to anyone about the excellent service you have provided to Gosford RSL Leisure Living Ltd.

Ted Coupe
Chief Executive Officer
Gosford RSL Leisure Living


Paul Creek of Creek Solutions Pty Ltd undertook a review of our services at Gunnedah Aged Care Services Limited in 2010 which led to the reduction of approximately 2.6 FTE and improved utility usage.

The three specific points in relation to the laundry were:

  1. The restructure of laundry services based on new and simple systems resulted in the savings with the staff having hours cut and going home less tired. Care staff also played an integral part in the new system without effecting their own time or duties. The support for staff during and after the implementation for the new system was excellent and well received by staff.
  2. Paul was able to provide support and information on the Ozone selection utilising a series of criteria points to compare products. After the implementation of better practices and the introduction of Ozone, Origin energy rang to ask why our gas usage had been cut back.
  3. Twelve months on productivity savings are sustainable. Service is excellent.

Similar processes have also occurred in cleaning with the introduction of new systematic work practices - routine, periodic and project cleaning. The facility is still meeting all cleaning standards.

In addition to this, Creek Solutions Pty Ltd has written our Food Safety Program which resulted in two consecutive "A" results - the NSW Food Authority auditor commended the manual and related process controls as being thorough and practical to follow.

If I can be of further assistance and able to provide more information please do not hesitate
in contacting me.

Sandra Strong
Chief Executive Officer
Gunnedah Aged Care Services Limited


Paul Creek of Creek Solutions Pty Ltd Exceeded expectations by providing timely and erudite advice at a time when it was most required.

The company provided not only tried and true templates for a Food Safety Program that gained the facility an "A" rating from the Food Authority of N.S.W. in a matter of weeks, but also provided comprehensive ongoing support in the form of staff training and clerical advice.

The quality of food service was described as "Excellent" by a representative of the 'Aged Care Standards and Accreditation' after a recent assessment.

Brendon Ross
Catering Officer
Three Tree Lodge, Lithgow


Paul Creek of Creek Solutions Pty Ltd was recommended to our organisation in 2009. We were in the process of building our new facility and engaged his services initially to ensure a smooth transition into expanding the laundry process to include an in house linen service. Paul's suggestions included not only laundry operations and procedures but OH&S friendly equipment which proved invaluable in time management and providing staff with a safe work place. Further he also provided a Procedure Manual which staff work from every day.

We were so impressed with the efficient work flow and professionalism we engaged Paul Creek to not only review the cleaning services but later the catering services. Paul's schedules/systems made very impressive cost savings whilst still maintaining standards and production levels. Our organisation has engaged the services of a number of consultants recently and have found Creek Solutions to be the best value for money and results based. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any facility wishing to improve laundry; cleaning or catering services.

Nicole Ainsworth
Hotel Services Manager
Quirindi Retirement Home Limited


Paul Creek from Creek Solutions was introduced to us in 2009 when we were making some changes to the laundry service. We were operating a laundry service seven days a week. Paul recommended changes to how we collected and processed the linen, creating efficiencies that resulted in reduced laundry operating hours each day and closing the laundry on weekends. Staff were enthusiastic about the changes as they could see the benefits of the new systems which have now been operating for more than 2 years.

Given the success of the laundry restructure we asked Creek Solutions to provided input into the cleaning service where we were also able to make cost savings and improve efficiencies.

Jennifer Eddy
Woy Woy Community Aged Care


I highly recommend Creek Solutions as a provider. Paul Creek undertook an extensive review of our laundry systems and equipment in March this year. Now, in September we have reduced staff hours in this aspect of our business by about 1/3, at the same time we reduced our spend on surperfluous linen and have radically reduced the OH&S impact of the role for our staff.

Paul at Creek Solutions has assisted us in making a very successful and revolutionary change that is improving our business as a whole.

Julie Hale
Executive Care Manager
Morling Lodge, Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT


Paul Creek of Creek Solutions Pty Ltd has been working with Marian Nursing Home staff since 2009.

The company has provided the facility with Safe Food Handling Manual and education, in fact the facility has been awarded "A" ratings with the NSW Food Authority following their audit of our food handling.

Paul has also assisted the facility in the laundry department, liaising with staff, auditing and providing solutions to the organization of the laundry, including a procedure manual.

Paul has assisted our facility to improve in the delivery of a quality service to our residents.

Therese Petrie
Director of Nursing
Marian Nursing Home

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