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Creek Solutions Pty Ltd - Work Health Safety
The responsibility of each organisation is to manage their work health and safety processes and infection control prevention.
WHS Issues - Chemical Safety
  • Ensure chemical products are supplied from a reputable company.
  • Treat all chemicals with caution ensuring instructions are being followed.
  • All chemicals must be correctly labeled. The use of non-specific chemical containers or unlabeled containers.
  • Labels must be correctly supplied by a chemical company - not hand written.
  • Chemical companies must provide chemical safety wall charts and up to date material safety data sheets (MSDS) - inside five (5) years currently.
  • All staff must be aware of chemical safety wall charts and the MSDS in relation to their responsibilities.
  • Staff must always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling chemicals such as gloves, goggles and aprons.
  • Never mix chemicals. The decanting of chemicals should be completed in a safe environment and PPE must be worn.
  • Chemical companies should supply products or a system that eliminates the need for decanting.
  • Don't smoke or eat near chemicals. This may create ingestion of harmful products.
  • Take care when handling chemical drums as residual chemical may be present and be harmful to skin and cause damage to clothing.
  • If containers are to be re-used, they must be washed.
  • Chemicals must be stored safely - depending on quantities correct labeling might be necessary.
  • Staff training for chemical handling should be provided by the chemical company annually.

    This should be for all staff and will include:
      - MSDS awareness
      - Use of chemicals for specific purpose
      - General safety and PPE
      - If a chemical product is not able to provide the solution it is meant for, contact the chemical company to discuss a solution
      - Use all cleaning chemicals correctly
ICON-Creek-Solutions Creek Solutions - Quality
Quality is the ongoing process of refining all activities in the workplace which sustains working relationships between all stakeholders.
ICON-Creek-Solutions Creek Solutions - KPT Tools
Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs help an organisation define and measure progress toward organisational goals.
ICON-Creek-Solutions Creek Solutions - Sustainability
Many organisations are now planning more for sustainability than at any time before. The main focus has been on environmental issues however applies equally to human resources.
Creek Solutions Pty Ltd
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Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will provide a quality based service that provides expertise in the kitchen, cleaning and laundry services allowing for effective and efficient stewardship of resources.

Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will provide services that allow an organisation to make sustainable choices which will eliminate the high use of resources and take care of the environment.

In undertaking the advisory services, the employees of Creek Solutions Pty Ltd will ensure at all times there is a high level of integrity, unbiased reporting and act all times in an independent manner ensuring that customers' needs are met in an always changing environment.
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